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Back on August 19, a few friends and I had the rare pleasure of seeing the inaugural ‘happening' of Uninvited: The Songs Of Alanis Morissette, at the beautiful Chapel Off Chapel theatre in Prahran.
The show features in the "titular role” as it were, the immensely talented and attractive Katie Weston - the spirit and style she brought to the stage was nothing short of transfixing. From balls-out rockers like “You Oughta Know", to introspective ballads like “Mary Jane", (and even some a cappella in the form of “Your House”), Katie’s performance was faultless from beginning to end.
The band too was an all-star affair - Jonathan Skovron, Haydn Meggitt, Kathleen Halloran, Alex Burkoy, Jonathon Zion, Marissa Skovron (yes, talented family that), plus guest vocalist Tanya George on “Thank You” (one of my favourite Alanis tracks) brought those iconic songs to life over the course of one big set.
Katie herself was tremendous, as she channelled Alanis perfectly, whilst at the same time adding her own flavour. She carried off song after challenging song with the energy and dynamics that only a true fan is able to deliver. Musical Director Jonathan Skovron has brought glorious arrangements to the table too… there were some brand new three part harmonies that gave us all chills.
The songs from the "Jagged Little Pill" album are undeniable, and the band performed the album almost in its entirety, and then added of a tasty selection of songs from the lesser known, significantly darker, but no less impressive “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie”. I’m already looking forward to seeing this show again. 

“Weston is captivating as a front-woman, her reminiscence of Alanis grunge and vocal ability is astounding.”

“Polished all star band”

“Mesmerizing celebration of an iconic artist by a fresh iconic Melbourne artist, far from any “tribute show”, this was a powerful concert experience”.

Carla Troiano
Melbourne Singer, Mayfield, All Together Now

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