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music and lyrics Katie Weston


“Sometimes you have to fall to move forward.

Sometimes you have to hurt to even know you’re alive”.

Falling Forward is Katie Weston's musical work-in-progress, currently in the form of a song cycle. Weston began penning songs for what would become Falling Forward as early as 2014, finding inspiration after the death of actor Robin Williams. Not underestimating her contemporary audience, Weston's song cycle currently presents each number as a snap-shot window into the synopsis and inter-relationships of these 6 characters. It's the audiences job to piece the story, timeline and connections together from these windows.

Songs from Falling Forward have been featured at many Home Grown Australia showcases and anniversary concerts at Melbourne's Chapel Off Chapel. Published songs have also been performed by students from WAAPA, VCA, Fed Uni and featured at concert "Sonder" for Beyond Blue at St Kilda's Alexander Theatre. In May 2017, Falling Forward was showcased at it's then full capacity at Prahran's MC Showroom at concert "The Songs of Katie Weston and Lucy O'Brian" with a cast of 6 and four piece band (Katie Weston - Piano, Dave George - Drums, Gen Campbell - Bass, Lucy O'Brian - Cello).

One of the unique casting edges that Falling Forward calls for is the vocal types of its performers. The show requires strong, unique, contemporary-pop vocalists who are excellent actors. Workshops and public performances of songs from Falling Forward have featured the stunning voices of Cassie McIvor (Cirque du Soleil), Samm Hagen (Pricilla, Ghost), Cameron MacDonald (Jersey Boys), Drew Weston (Ghost, Rocky Horror), Henry Brett (Spring Awakening), Josh Gates (Mamma Mia), Shannen Alyce Quan (Pricilla) Scott Mackenzie (JC Superstar), Michelle Brasier (Double Denim) and award winning contemporary singer-actor herself, Katie Weston.

All songs showcased live for Falling Forward have received accolades, with outstanding feedback that these songs pull at heart-strings and connect to a contemporary audience in a way that is very exciting to new musical theatre.
All stand alone songs in their own right, popular and frequently performed numbers include THE EDGE OF US, IF I CAN FOLLOW, moving duet ONE SMALL SPARK and title opening song FALLING FORWARD.

"While there are many fine performers and composers out there, Katie effortlessly combines both skills. Throw in her extensive experience as a Musical Director and she is triply valuable"
Tom Gleisner

"Falling Forward provides an incredibly familiar landscape through it's music. With universal themes relatable to a wide demographic of people,

this is an exciting new work."

David Wisken

"Falling Forward is so well written - both from a lyrical perspective and an arrangement perspective. Clever motifs scattered throughout make it super easy to understand and follow each character's journey."

Samm Hagen


Katie Weston Music

Melbourne VIC, Australia

0402 843909

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